dead things we find

I’ve been publishing pictures of dead animals since 2009. DTWF is a growing archive that documents found dead animals. I’ve undertaken DTWF partly out of my own interest in collecting these images, and also animals and in our environments.

In DTWF, I aim to explore a divergence from the traditional experience of viewing natural history. DTWF is an arrangement of specimens, an archive, which is both similar to and distinct from a natural history museum. Through deliberate display and categorizing of animals the blog depicts an array of animals and maps their location. However, unlike taxidermy or replicas found in most museums, the photograph does not remove animal bodies from of their original context– instead it fixes them there permanently. These photos are not replicas of life, but documentation of death and definition of that circumstance. To me, this blog represents a collection of animals that are necessarily defined by their existence within the space of people.


DTWF does not in any way condone the killing of animals. Also, please respect the copyrights on these images. People who send in their pictures to DTWF maintain the copyrights on their images, and may or may not release the rights to the DTWF for the purpose of in-print publishing, use as specimens/models, and other reproductions. Copyright infringement is wack.

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